Web and print stories

Today’s paper had a number of opportunities to develop unique, focused stories from items that had published online. We do not want to repeat most of the stories that have already run online in print – they lose their timeliness, their impact and, frankly, so much is going on around campus that running repetitious stories in print limits the variety of our coverage.

That said, here is how you could have developed focused, new angles on some of today’s stories:

Online Print
The Perryman Group announced UTA has a $13.6 billion impact on the region. In the original story, a key point sticks out – that 90 percent of UTA grads stay in North Texas. THIS is an interesting angle that could take more reporting. Is that normal for a university our size? What other towns have that draw? What is the draw? Why the heck do they stay? Are most of these people folks who have grown up here, go to UTA, then stay?Key: We already reported the impact. Now SHOW it through people.
Simulator shows effects of alcohol (event was Tuesday) I didn’t see a reason to run this event coverage in print. An angle to explore would have been stats on intoxicated driving, but we did the story on crime stats on campus last week. Getting updated numbers on drunken driving incidents so far this year may have taken this story somewhere, but that’s unclear. In general, event coverage doesn’t make good print stories unless it has a lasting impact with a large number of people.
UTA departments are helping with research on a water pipeline. This story had fantastic detail in it about specifically what the groups are looking at … but the same lede and end on the story distract from diving right into the focus. The story needed a nut graph to state why we were reading this week. The nut graph could have been culled from the web story.
Column on Cowboys loss on Monday would have made a wonderful Monday night post for the web. (It went up Wednesday.)  If we run a column or story in print, it needs to have some look to the future. (Remember, it will be on racks for a week, at least.) While this column was very much focused on the Monday game, the writer could have dug deeper into why this one performance has such an impact on him or the team. We’re in a media-saturated region that covers major teams pretty well. Use Shorthorn space to cover UTA-specific angles and events.
Honors College to host debate (Good story for daily web – but publish a day earlier to allow people time to plan to go.) Debate advance needed a strong focus with a UTA angle; don’t forget to include the watch party tonight as the UTA angle for this. Finding UTA experts was a good idea – the additional watch party tie-in would have helped this next-day story. (Other focused angles could be a look at the “pivot” – an important move in debates. Talk to moot court/debate teams, other students to get those voices in.
Pep Rally at the mall on Friday (posting Friday was great!) No need to re-run this story in print. Photos alone could have worked, although even those would have been too old. Run photo with a brief saying the event will repeat this Friday.

What are other angles that could have been developed?


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