Convention notes: Write headlines that rock

Design Editor Jose Enriquez shares his notes from the Texas Intercollegiate Press Association in Corpus Christi: 

“Write a headline for this session” by George Tanner, Scripps regional production desk

Here are a few of the suggestions Tanner made, which aren’t very different from what we are taught, but sometimes don’t apply. These are my favorites, but I also have headline notes, so staff can read over them because they’re all important.

To be or not to be “is” the question: The verb “to be” is not necessary. It can be used, but in most cases should be avoided. ONLY use “to be” “is” “was” for clarity. This is a favorite because too often do we use “to verb.”

“Polly want a cracker?” Stealing the lede for a great headline. Don’t do it.

Thanks, Jose. Check out the .pdf attached to this post for the rest of the notes. Leave your comment on crafting headlines here.


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