REPOST: Great websites for finding information

This is reposted from 2010 but contains some great information. 

Great, usable sites:

A searchable catalog of scholarly internet resources on topics that include bio, ag and medical sciences, cultural diversity, government info, etc. I did a quick search of “school districts” under government data, and it let me build a table from information in the CCD (including demographics, etc.) using the data set. Really great for all sorts of data for your stories.

A gold mine for data about the nation, state and your community. If you haven’t been to the U.S. Census site, be sure to spend about 30 minutes searching around for things. You’ll get hooked. Every 10 years, the federal government tries to get the most accurate snapshot of the country’s demographics. Here’s a snapshot of Texas: FYI: The census is being conducted this year, and students at UTA have developed a promotional campaign for it.

Finding people (Disclosure: I lifted this directly from the site. It is not original information I compiled. The presenters mentioned many of these sites. In the interest of time, I borrowed this from

  • ZabaSearch – ZabaSearch allows for quick access to records available in the public domain. Searches generate lists of available information gathered from sources such as court documents, phone listings, and real estate records.
  • – This phone direction has easy-to-find links and reverse, area code and zip cop lookups at the top of the page.
  • Switchboard – One of the oldest phone directories on the Web. Includes a reverse directory as well as a map of the address and an e-mail address lookup.
  • Internet Address Finder – An e-mail address finder. You can also use it as a “finger” to get more information on a person whose e-mail address you know.
  • Fone Finder – Use an area code and the exchange number to find the provider of the service for that phone number, for U.S. and Canadian telephone numbers. This can be a good place for finding out if a telephone number belongs to a cell phone. The information provided is only the company providing the service. It does not provide information about who is listed at that phone number. Finds the geographic location of any phone number in the world. You key in a phone number, and it will give you the city, state, country, a flag, map, and links to the area.
  • Anywho – Run by AT&T, it’s also one of the few with a reverse directory. When you get the street you can click on it for neighbors’ phone numbers, and it will draw a map when it finds the address.
  • International Numbering Plans – This free service identifies the geographic location where an international phone number originates and what telephone company is responsible for that number. This service includes cellular telephones. It also offers a list of area codes and a list of international dialing codes.

The following search engines dig information up about people from the deep Web including social network sites such as Facebook and Myspace. Information retrieved includes photos, documents, email addresses, social network sites and more. Some of the sites search blogs and Twitter as well:


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