Best of the Week: Week One

Each week, editors honor the week’s best work in The Shorthorn and on Here are the honorees from Week 1:

Best of the Week: Krista Torralva, for her outstanding reporting and writing about Sahra Zarei. Krista’s lede does a wonderful job of not only getting the reader’s attention but keeping it; her selection of quotes from Zarei’s boyfriend is sparse but effective for it. She tells the story matter-of-factly and respectfully. This is good coverage of an awful tragedy. Krista worked on this piece through the winter break. Although the sorority was instructed not to talk to any media, Krista was persistent, professionally, in building relationships and letting sisters know she would be there when they were able and ready to talk. Good work, Krista.

Rookie of the Week: Jacqueline Landreth, for her attention to detail and dedication to learning this crazy world of journalism style and editing. Jacqueline came to The Shorthorn an English major, and learning how to do things in a new way can be a little intimidating. Copy desk chief Bryan Bastible bragged on her desire and willingness to work at improving headlines and her good questions about editing. Good attitude, Jacqueline!

The Gwan (The Golden Swan of Photographers): Ben Ohene’s enthusiasm and energy earned attention this week, but that wasn’t all from this rookie photographer. He responded to news quickly, and editors admired his willingness to jump up for any assignment, both to improve his experience and to respond to news as it happened (Drake ticket sales on Friday are an example of this). Way to go, Ben.

Headline of the Week: Christina Miranda, veteran copy editor, was recognized for having the best headline of the week: “Mavericks drown under weight of A&M Corpus Christi’s defense.” The headline used a strong verb and played a little with the “Islanders” mascot. Nice work, Christina.

We’re off to a good start. Let’s keep that good work going into this week.



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