What I learned today: Part two.

Welcome, Spring 2012 staff! This is the second in our What I Learned Today series. Reporter Krista Torralva shared tips she learned during training today:

From Star-Telegram Reporter Susan McFarland’s session on covering breaking news:

Describe the scene – It is better to have more stuff than not enough.

Have a breaking news checklist:

Notify online immediately

Notify photo desk

Call your editor

Get a couple of sentences from police/witnesses for online

Ask for photo of victim/ take photos

Look for a facebook page/memorial pagr

Ask for all public documents to take back

_ Get cell phone numbers for EVERYONE.

_ Weave in updates

Be a thorn in sources side – Call, email. Then when something happens, they’ll think to notify you first.

Always have your laptop and camera.

Look into everything – something small may turn out to be big.

Set up a media camp at the scene – police usually spot television crews, so go stand by them.

Thank you, Krista, for sharing! Share what you learned today by commenting here or by emailing bfrances@uta.edu.


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