Editor & Publisher weighs in on student media issue


This column focuses on sports reporters but is a must-read for all journalists. Recently, the University of Kentucky, which is publicly funded, banned its independent student paper from an invitation-only media day for athletics. The act has been in the national spotlight, most recently in the latest edition of Editor & Publisher.

Allan Wolper, for E&P, writes: “The paper’s sin? Aaron Smith, managing editor and sports writer, telephoned a couple of basketball players to ask if they had made the team, without first getting the athletic department’s permission to make those calls.”

Sound familiar? To some degree, each of you (and the pros out there) have faced this type of situation while in the field. I hope you’ll read the column and take Wolper’s message to heart. First Amendment rights aren’t just for journalists, and when they are violated, it affects readers. Every level of our profession, from students to seasoned pros, must stand up for First Amendment rights.

Read on: http://bit.ly/sN5MlW

And comment: What types of these issues, large or small, do we face daily in what we do? What actions are we, as journalists, taking to protect our First Amendment rights? Post here – if we don’t talk about what we face daily, who will?



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