Southwest Airlines internship information

Southwest Airlines NoLimitsInternship program

Interns at Southwest will not only get hands-on business experience in their particular field, they will also get to experience the Fun-LUVing Culture that makes Southwest Airlines home to some of the most highly sought after internships year after year.

Internships are offered in the Spring, Summer, and Fall semesters for fulltime college students. Participating departments may vary by semester, but all internships are based at our Headquarters in Dallas, Texas. All positions are paid and include space available travel. An internship with Southwest is more than just a job–it’s an opportunity of a lifetime!


Applicants must be fulltime college students (enrolled in at least 12 hours during the semester prior to the internship) in order to be eligible for our internships. Most of the positions also require that students are classified at a minimum of junior level (60+ hours), although some positions also allow sophomores to apply. Graduate students who are fulltime (as designated by your school) are also eligible for most of the internships, but please check the specific job descriptions for requirements.

Recent college graduates are eligible only for the semester immediately following graduation. (May graduates are eligible for Summer Internships; August graduates are eligible for Fall Internships; December graduates are eligible for Spring Internships.) If you have already graduated and are no longer eligible for our internships, please check for fulltime opportunities.

All students must apply at during the application period, which is usually six months before the start of the internship. A resume is all that is needed at the time you apply, but you may be contacted for additional information in the future.
Please see our Resume Tips section for resume formatting requirements.
Internship Semester Internship Dates Approximate Application Period
Spring Jan – Apr Apply in Aug – Sep
Summer May – Aug Apply in Oct – Nov
Fall Sep – Dec Apply in Mar – Apr

Please check our Job Listings for more information as dates can change.

Here are a couple of things we look for in our candidates:

A Warrior Spirit, a Servant’s Heart, and a Fun-LUVing Attitude!
Commitment to Customer Service
Excellent communication skills
Sense of humor
Self-motivation and energetic personality
Team-oriented quality
Flexibility to work in a dynamic, fast-paced environment
Ability to work well alone or with others

Job Description:

Internship opportunities vary by semester, and may include (but are not limited to) the following areas of study:
Accounting, Advertising, Aeronautical/Aerospace Engineering, Architecture, Aviation related fields, Business, Communications, Community Relations, Computer Science, Corporate Social Responsibility, Corporate/Mass Communications, Economics, Emergency Response, English, Finance, Financial Planning, Graphic Design, Human Resource Management, IT, Journalism, Learning Technology, Management Information Systems, Management Science, Marketing, Mathematics, Meteorology, Occupational Safety, Procurement, Public Relations, Quantitative Sciences, Statistics, Supply Chain Management, Training Development

This is not a complete list, so please check our job postings ( for more details!

Be sure and check out our NoLimits brochure for more information about our internship program.


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