State of the Union

Like a lot of you, I watched President Obama’s State of the Union address last night with quite a bit of interest. So much of what he said in his speech related to the stories that The Shorthorn is covering – and can and should cover – this semester. His emphasis on research, education and spending grabbed my attention. Wanting to see how it all came together, I put together a visualization using the

Wordle: SOTU.January

Clearly, there was a lot of clapping! However, once you get rid of some of the clutter/fill words, you can see the main topics based on how often they came up in the speech (the more often it is used, the larger the word is). It’s no surprise that education, students, schools, jobs and the future were some of the most frequently used words.

So, I jotted down about 15 story ideas to localize what Obama said in his speech, across a number of beats. My question for you, staff, is this: How many story ideas related to your UTA audience, can you come up with based of the State of the Union speech? What topics impact you as students? Come up with more than 15 collectively, and I’ll bring cookies to Friday’s staff meeting. Here’s a link to the transcript:



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