Opportunity knocks.

Staff: From time to time, you’ll see posts containing information about opportunities at different media outlets in the Metroplex and beyond. If you see something you are interested in, Lloyd and I are happy to talk it over with you and help you prepare your application material.


NIGHT COPS REPORTER, FORT WORTH STAR-TELEGRAM (This is a job; not an internship. It’s essential to note the difference.)
Parttime, 7-11 p.m. Monday-Friday.
Reporting experience required.
If interested, e-mail resume and clips to Lois Norder, Manageing Editor/News, lnorder@star-telegram.com


from Shorthorn ex Mike Daniel, now Dallas editor for Thrillist.com:

I’m contacting you because I’m currently searching for an intern to work with me on Thrillist Dallas.

First, a (somewhat) brief primer on Thrillist:
Thrillist (http://www.thrillist.com) is a free daily e-mail media blast aimed at young, professional ‘regular guys’ that focuses on cool new and/or under-publicized restaurants/bars, fashion, home items, gadgets, websites, services, and such. Manhattan-based Thrillist was founded in May 2005 and currently has 2.2 million subscribers in 16 cities; Thrillist Dallas (http://www.thrillist.com/list/Dallas) launched in May 2009 and now has more than 43,000 subscribers and nearly 1,000 Twitter followers (http://twitter.com/ThrillistDallas).
Thrillist publishes service journalism content every weekday, written in a provocative, conversational, and pithy tone that generally appeals to so-called ‘dudes’. Its target demographic are men ages 23-35, though our subscribership nationally averages about 20 percent female.
Since I launched Thrillist Dallas nearly 16 months ago, Thrillist has tripled its national subscribership and launched five new city editions (with three more coming), including one in London, England. It’s also acquired an online-based men’s fashion club called JackThreads.com and launched a free iPhone app that’s been downloaded several hundred thousand times. It’s a media outlet that’s held fast to its goals while growing rapidly in a world in which most other media outlets — whether traditional or ‘new’ — are either shrinking, morphing, or otherwise hemorrhaging.

I’m looking for an intern to assist me with covering Dallas for Thrillist, with duties that would include blog/media monitoring, contact maintenance, on-site information gathering, making follow-up calls to both content subjects and local PR, and occasional content generation (i.e. writing published Thrillist content), as well as some light marketing duties and representing the Thrillist brand in Dallas.

Thrillist lives on the very edge of what’s new and notable in town, so I’m looking for a candidate who revels in functioning on that edge, and who is adept at and driven to dig up ‘scoops’ on new local businesses and activities. The ideal candidate would be someone who’s been in the Dallas area for at least a few years, who has an understanding of Dallas’ social and recreational fabrics, who has some existing contacts in town, and who has the capacity to understand and operate using Thrillist’s unique approach and tone. The candidate would receive some compensation, depending primarily on performance and workload.

Candidates should forward a short cover letter and resume to md@thrillist.com with “Thrillist Dallas Internship” in the subject line.

Mike Daniel
Dallas Editor
3311 Elm St., #101  |  Dallas, TX 75226
O/C/SMS. 469.878.7619


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