Hello, summer staff!

We’ve been going strong for two weeks at The Shorthorn, and it’s time to recognize our summer staff! We have many new faces at The Shorthorn, and each person comes armed with skills, experience and enthusiasm that I’m sure will help The Shorthorn keep its momentum going. We’re geared to be the No. 1 source of news for UTA.

Here’s our Summer 2010 staff:

Editors: Mark Bauer, John Harden, Johnathan Silver, Lorraine Frajkor, Scott Snider, Andrew Plock, Andrew Buckley

Reporters: Alysia Brooks, Allison “Allie” Cochran, TJ Griffin , Ali Mustansir, Rebekah Karth, Melissa Boon, Sara Wadud

Photographers: Alanna Quillen, Aisha Butt, Chris Mangus. Jazzmyne Greer, Brian D’Souza, Avery Mackey

Design team: Irene Pastrana, Emily Pfeiffer, Houston Hardaway, Thea Blesener

Online: Vinod Srinivasan

Copy editors: Kaitlin Hennessy, Cabrera Moore, Jessica Parnell

Welcome to the staff. Have a great semester!


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