The Line. 04.29.10

Here are some notes on this issue of The Shorthorn:

Best story:

Stephanie Goddard’s Off-Campus Mavericks story. This story set the scene with the lede, talked to impacted students, and explained the group, which is in the process of establishing itself. In addition to stating what happened, Stephanie focused on the “what’s next” aspect of the group. She also incorporated stats on the percentage of people who live on campus. Great work.

Note: Steph shot and wrote this story, early in the morning when it was taking place. Kudos for your dedication, and for the initiative to write a story in addition to your regular duties.

Best design:

Marissa Hall’s treatment of the list of things to do this semester in Pulse was creative, eye-catching and made something out of very little content. And, even in black and white, it really offers variety in colors, shapes and sizes. Nice work.

Note: This story package wasn’t really a package, which made it tough come design time to craft something creative. Without “meat” to the story – the hows, whys, or rhyme and reason to the list, sources, etc. – it’s hard to create a hierarchy for a page. It’s also an indication readers will have trouble doing so as well. This package should have held to have better text content – and to allow design and online more time to develop their ideas.

Best photo:

Andrew Buckley’s softball photo on Page 4. The image tells the story well – these softball athletes are training up for the final SLC match. Showing them off the field is a great way to get them out of their element. It’s a crisp, sharp image. Nice work.

Best thing in today’s paper:

Joan Khalaf’s lede on “A Hair-raising Adventure:”

After having trimmed the hair on his legs, Mo Awadalla laid across a table and prepared for the pain of waxing off 21 years of leg hair growth Wednesday.

“I still think this was a good idea,” the psychology junior said. “I’m only bleeding a little bit.”

You felt this lede, whether you’ve been waxed or not. Good phrasing with “waxing off 21 years of leg hair growth” – nice way to work in his age! Good work.


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