The Line. 01.29.10

Here are some notes on this issue of The Shorthorn:

Best art:

Thea Blesener’s illustration to go with Jacob Becker’s “Degree Detours” column on the Opinion page. The illustration was focused and paired well with the headline. Together, they packaged to nicely to alert the reader what the column was about.

Best story:

Joan Khalaf’s “Awareness raised over ‘branding’ ” was a great localization of a story that is happening at a neighbor institution. Joan struck a nice balance between reporting what happened and finding a local source (two, actually) who could speak about the ritual in personal and broad terms. Organizing a story like this is difficult – you want to introduce why we’re writing about this topic but not imply that UTA sources are directly linked to the TCU incident.

Best quote:

“I was very upset, because I knew the destruction was going to be severe,” she said. “It’s one of those times that you don’t really want to be right.”(Jansma)

This quote (from Justin Sharp’s story) is great for a few reasons. You have a scientist’s data being validated, and that scientist is saying she wishes it was wrong. Powerful. This is also a great representation of what a direct quote should be: an anecdote, an opinion, a statement unique to that person.

Quotes about process, data, or general statements should be paraphrased.

Best thing in today’s paper:

Loved the treatment of the box for UTA’s All-Decade Team (Sam Morton’s story and Melissa Boon’s design).This presented  a lot of information in an organized, easy to follow way and is a good example of alternative story form.


2 thoughts on “The Line. 01.29.10

  1. I agree with everything you’ve said here. The Jansma quote was crucial. I will assume that it came from a well placed question.

    Also: Loved Joan’s story. Wonderful read…. Wish we hadn’t botched the headline/sumdeck 😦

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