State of the Union

Scott Snider shared this link to The New York Times’ coverage of Obama’s State of the Union address, complete with multimedia. As he puts it, “These cats are doing it right…. A truly amazing page. Play with the multimedia.”

Thanks, Scott!


4 thoughts on “State of the Union

  1. This page was just perfectly put together. The placement of the (perfect for the story) picture, how easy the text read, the placement of the (also freakishly awesome) pieces of multimedia… Everything fell into place with such simple, reader-friendly, packaging.

    I know these guys get paid really well for what they do, but simple fact they were able to pull all of this content (news, photo, massive multimedia projects, ect.) together in just under an hour was absolutely amazing.

  2. Wow. They went the extra mile. How much planning did they have to put into this I wonder? I think we could do this with the right forethought and development, just not as on the fly as they might have done.

    Nice find.

  3. I’d love to see The Shorthorn do this for one of Spaniolo’s addresses how many times does he say Tier 1 or research compared to education, students, financial aid or even football!

    By the way, you know you can see you’re favorite former shorthorn assistant-news editor in that rotating photo of the State of the Union.

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