The Line. 1.21.10

Day Three! Here are some notes on this issue of The Shorthorn:

Best headline:

Clint Utley’s tease to the women’s basketball story: “33 points in 35 minutes.” It is specific, completely unique to that story, and makes me want to read more. Great!

Best photo:

Andrew Buckley’s women’s basketball photo on Page 4. The action is wonderful, and you can feel the emotion from each player. It must have been hard to choose just one – check out the online gallery with more photos. Great work.

Best lede:

“They call them free throws for a reason.” (Clint Utley’s Lumberjacks ax Mavericks, Page 4) Clint’s lede sums up the story well – the Mavericks handed SFA a win by missing their shots (SFA made most of theirs). With a low-scoring first half, the free throws were key. Nice work!

Best thing in today’s paper:

The cover of Pulse, a painting by illustrator/graphic artist Sharese Ford done. The colors are wonderful, and it’s a different approach to the stock show coverage, which is usually cowboy on bull. Nice job, Sharese.


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