The Line. 1.19.10

Welcome back! Here are some notes on your first issue of The Shorthorn:

Best headline:

Rance Pringle’s “Mavericks can’t outrun Roadrunners” (Page 8). This headline worked in two ways: It played off the opponent’s name, but it also picked up on what the coach called a weakness for her team – game speed. Nice job.

Best photo: Tie: Aisha Butt’s Poetry Night photo of the woman – excellent moment of emotion. It also is a great example of using color to push the story.

Andrew Buckley: Jay Sirianni environmental portrait – great job catching his comfort with a baseball. It’s inviting, warm. Nice work.

Both photos caught a moment in time that you can’t retell – the photographers were in the right place and picked the right time to snap the photo.

Best reader service:

The Ransom Hall package produced by Sharayah Sherrod and Rachel Snyder gave readers a great update on changes associated with Ransom Hall. Marissa Hall’s map also helped. Sharayah’s story explained the why of the story, while Rachel’s piece gave a detailed look at where some of the services moved. Together, we had layers of perspective that benefited the reader.

Best thing in today’s paper:

Justin Sharp’s profile with Maxwell Scarlett, the university’s first African-American graduate, was a gem on Page 2. It had great details, and the writing flowed nicely throughout. The delayed lede, though, really set up the story and made the reader want more. Great attention to detail, and a good model for how to request space for a story you really fall in love with. Justin talked with editor Alanna Quillen, who worked with him to get more space while being efficient with the text he had. Nice work.


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